weeks a year saved preparing catalogues


less time spent updating publishing schedules


less time spent preparing rights guides

The Bind

To support growth, Candlewick Press identified the requirement for a single unified publishing system that would incorporate the management of bibliographic, production, head contracts and rights data. The company wanted to remove offline, disparate systems including Word documents and spreadsheets to improve workflow between departments and enhance decision-making capabilities through the provision of accurate and up-to date information. Other key goals of the project included increased automation of processes in order to reduce errors and data duplication.

Why Virtusales?

Biblio3 is a fully internationalised single unifying publishing system, which offered Candlewick a greater depth of functionality and configuration as well as a completely future-proofed system. Virtusales also provide free updates that ensure Candlewick are always on the latest version of software and benefit from future developments.

The following Biblio3 modules were implemented: Bibliographic and Editorial Data Management, automatic catalogue and TI sheet creation, Production Scheduling, Digital Workflow, Purchase Order Management, Head Contracts, Rights and Subrights Management.

The Selection Process

The solution had to be future-proofed and allow Candlewick to always be on the latest version of the software. David Bremster, IT Director at Candlewick Press comments, “We reviewed a number of options for achieving our goals, including redeveloping existing systems and purchasing an off-the-shelf solution. Virtusales provided us with more benefits along with a much greater depth in functionality, configurability, and it was the only system that provided us with internationalisation.”

Smooth Workflow

Prior to implementing Biblio3, all Candlewick’s processes were offline and involved numerous Excel documents and duplicate data entry. Biblio’s Digital Workflow module has eradicated the need for these disparate systems and processes, with various forms, requests and procedures being set up in the system automatically. With Biblio’s workflow system, these documents can travel electronically between departments, eliminating paper waste and the risk of important documentation being lost.

We can do things that we simply couldn’t do before.

Becky Hemperly, Director of Contracts, Rights & Royalties, Candlewick Press

Instant Production Data

The main benefit for production has been the creation of one central database for all printings belonging to Candlewick or its sister company, Walker Books. With the introduction of Biblio3, both publishers now have easy access to correct data such as royalty information for cost estimates, bibliographic information or images.

Up-to-date Editorial and Scheduling Information

Sally Bratcher, Executive Managing Editor explains, “One of the highlights of the system is Biblio3’s scheduling functionality. Prior to implementation, scheduling was managed in Excel, which only one person could update at any one time. Also the process of updating each individual schedule item when a publication date changed was slow and laborious. Now if I need to update the schedule for 20 titles I can do it in a couple of hours, where before it took several days.”

Having bibliographic information updated centrally means a much more efficient process. Previously the data was updated manually in separate systems, which meant we couldn’t be certain that data was up-to-date.

Sally Bratcher, Executive Managing Editor, Candlewick Press

A One Stop Shop for All Contracts, Rights and Royalties Information

Becky Hemperly, Director of Contracts, Rights & Royalties, discusses her experience of Biblio3, “Prior to Biblio3, many processes were managed with paper in spreadsheets. Now our publishing process is online and centralised, providing coordinated access to documents and royalty and rights information. The self-service capability has been amazing, with approximately 60-70% reduction in some areas in time spent with people asking for information on contracts, rights and other administrative data.”

Sales and Marketing Documents in Minutes

Candlewick’s marketing team has been able to take full advantage of accurate and up-to-date information stored in Biblio3. Marketing Manager, Laura Rivas explains, “Prior to Biblio3 we stored information in separate files and much of it was manually updated in the main system and then again in our marketing databases. Now, we keep our reviews, awards and publicity within Biblio3. When we need to create TIP sheets all we have to do is click a button. Previously, it was a matter of copying and pasting information from various locations into a Word document, which was a laborious, time-consuming activity.”

Automated Catalogue Creation Saves Time and Energy

David Bremser, Director of IT, explains, “Biblio3’s capability to support catalogue creation has been a huge benefit for us. On average we have saved around 12 weeks a year to produce our frontlist, backlist and gift catalogues. Prior to Biblio3 this was an entirely manual process.”

Flexible Reporting Options

Sally Bratcher, Executive Managing Editor explains, “I love the reporting functions in Biblio3. Previously, reporting was time consuming, lacking depth and detail. With Biblio3 I can report on any field in the system using simple but very effective and detailed processes. I apply filters such as publication date or title format over the data. I can then select the format for the report (e.g. interactive, PDF, HTML, Excel) and can also select a group of people I want the report to be emailed to and when. Biblio3 looks after the rest, running the report and emailing it to the people in the list.”

Unique Software Development and Upgrade Path

David Bremser, Director of IT, adds, “With Virtusales you have access to new software developments every 6 weeks, which means we are always on the latest version of software. This also means we don’t have to worry about costly upgrades every 1 to 2 years as is typical with most software systems.”

Working with Virtusales

Becky Hemperly, Director of Contracts, Rights & Royalties, explains, “We have been working with Virtusales for over 3 years now and our relationship is very much a partnership. Virtusales is available to help and work with us. I would definitely recommend them.”

Our employees are comfortable with using the system and believe in the benefits it provides.

Becky Hemperly, Director of Contracts, Rights & Royalties, Candlewick Press

Future Plans

David Bremser, Director of IT, talks about the future, “One of the main reasons for selecting Virtusales was their commitment to continually developing the software product suite. Without the Biblio3 foundation, our efforts to expand into the digital publishing arena would be considerably less efficient.”

Biblio3 has completely revolutionised our business.

Becky Hemperly, Director of Contracts, Rights & Royalties, Candlewick Press

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