a year saved in back-ups alone


terabyte saved through de-duplicating files


faster to transfer digital files

The Initial Objective

Prior to using BiblioDAM all files were stored on servers and accessed directly by designers. It was a laborious monthly task to transfer the files across and each server had a different back up schedule with IT. Peter Blunt, Digital Process Manager for Egmont UK said the old system “was becoming increasingly unwieldy as the number and size of assets increased.”

Egmont wanted a digital workflow solution as much as a digital archive and was attracted to BiblioDAM’s inbuilt work in progress tools such as invites, locking assets, version control, actions log and statuses with associated validation. Other factors included Virtusales’ free industry upgrades, regular release cycle and development policy providing the opportunity for publishers to contribute to the system’s road map and benefit from developments sponsored by others. Solely publishing orientated, Virtusales’ knowledge and understanding of the publishing industry enable client publishers to benefit from its experience.The flexible options available satisfied Egmont’s requirement to host the system internally.

Egmont’s goal was to hold all digital assets in one accessible repository and to make assets available externally to potential buyers, essentially making money from content they already had and save considerable time by reducing the amount of images being duplicated by illustrators.


Better Organisation and Control

BiblioDAM is a central store for all digital assets allowing quick and easy search and access. Previously designers simply created folders on the servers with no naming convention which resulted in files that were disorganised, difficult and time consuming to locate.

Saving Disk Space

Style guides are up to 50mb and used to be duplicated for books and magazines: the de-duplication functionality within BiblioDAM has saved one terabyte.

Fewer Errors and More Control

Users can lock work in progress preventing multiple versions being created, incorporates version control and includes a roll-back feature. Validation and statuses prevent unapproved assets being fed out or accessed by unauthorised users and the Invite mechanism has reduced the number of overwritten and lost files. BiblioDAM retains Mac resources forks so links are never broken, reducing the time taken to prepare files for repro from up to a week to as little as an hour.


Generate New Revenue

Egmont UK is better able to exploit proprietary rights and licensed products to generate new revenues. BiblioDAM’s Invite to Explore feature allows users to invite external parties to view specific assets for sales purposes. Repurposing assets has already started and Egmont hopes to roll this out to POD and eBooks in the near future. The International Sales team is also very excited to use it as a sales tool for marketing information such as sample chapters and cover images.


Space Saving Benefits

  • 1 terabyte saved through de-duplicating files

Money Saving Benefits

  • £3,500 a year saved in back-ups alone

Time Saving Benefits

  • The BiblioDAM Transfer Tool can transfer 60GB 25 minutes faster than using FTP.
  • Preparing titles for repro has reduced from up to a week to as little as two hours.

Increased Efficiency Saves Time

Files are now easier to locate and quicker to access, increasing the efficiency of designer and product development. Now books and magazines can share assets, generating significant time savings. For example, books needed to access Ben 10 which previously would have required at least an hour to copy all assets across onto the relevant server - with DAM it now becomes a 10 minute job. Remote log in access has enabled freelancers to work remotely reducing the physical amount of desk space required.

Improved File Sharing

The unique transfer method is a robust way to transfer files to external parties securely and quickly with less confusion over versions. Egmont now use fewer international couriers and have experienced reduced courier costs. Better communication via BiblioDAM has sped up workflows and improved relationships.

We should be able to complete deals quicker, freeing time to do even more deals.

Gillian Laskier, Sales Director, Egmont UK

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