Key Benefits

BiblioRoyalties is a highly scalable royalty solution that meets the needs of any publisher, from large-scale, multi-divisional, multi-publisher and multi-faceted publishers, to even the smallest independents.

Capable of handling the most complex deals with ease, from global currencies to joint ventures, from varying and complex terms to multiple contributors. BiblioRoyalties caters for all of the product types required by the publishing industry, from physical books and eBooks to digital content and extracts.

BiblioRoyalties completes royalty runs and produces flexible statements on demand for individual contracts or a whole period end with an advanced royalty calculation engine that processes data at record high speeds. BiblioRoyalties supports multiple currencies, international tax, automatic handling of returns, complex payments and comes complete with comprehensive user securities to control accessibility to all areas of the system.

BiblioRoyalties can be purchased as a standalone system, or as part of the Biblio3 or BiblioLIVE suite to seamlessly interact with your existing data. When combined with the full Biblio suite, the Royalties module contributes to a complete and in-depth financial picture of your publishing projects. It can be integrated with Business Intelligence, Print Management and Rights Management, to incorporate real-time sales data, actual outgoings and spend and the full rights and subrights processing activities.

BiblioRoyalties - Features and Functionality

Author, Contributor & Contact Management

  • Store all internal and external contacts and record all necessary associated information in one place.
  • Associate contacts with titles to quickly build company wide visibility of all those involved with a project.
  • Supplier Management becomes simple with the contacts module - send purchase orders, request quotes and share assets directly from the Biblio suite.

Royalty Processing & Payments

  • Complete royalty runs on demand for individual contracts or a whole period and display real-time publisher commitments.
  • Import daily sales feeds from multiple disparate sources, in different formats and currencies, which are then aggregated by the system.
  • Advanced Royalty Calculations including: joint accounting for multiple titles, multi-currency advances and deduction tracking, offset earnings against advances or to other titles and payees and automatic handling of returns.


  • The reporting tool is available inclusively with Biblio3 and BiblioLIVE, eliminating the need for external reports. Send reports in any format required, including Excel, XML, HTML, PDF and CSV.
  • Capable of reporting on virtually every field within the system, users can choose exactly which data is displayed on their report using the fully customisable reporting tools available.
  • Reports can be set to run once, or regularly at a defined date and time. Email reports to internal or external individuals or groups, to keep all parties notified about projects.

The Implementation Process

Virtusales has a 16 year successful track record of implementing new publishing software and decoupling legacy systems. Since starting with Hodder Headline in 2000, we have implemented over 100 publishing-related projects to publishers of all sizes across trade, education and academic sectors. We work closely with each customer to find an implementation mix that is going to suit their requirements, internal resources and budget.

  • Flexible implementations to suit publishers of any size
  • Option for dual running and reconciliation period, to eliminate all risk and ease the transition to the new software.
Candlewick Press

Using Biblio3, particularly the Head Contracts module, has completely revolutionized my life. The self service capability has been amazing, with approximately 60-70% reduction of time spent asking people for information.

Becky Hemperly Director of Contracts, Rights & Royalties, Candlewick Press

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