Key Benefits

Business Intelligence takes advantage of the wealth of title data already stored within your Biblio3 or BiblioLIVE system. This combination of existing title data and up-to-date sales information allows you to quickly compare sales and spot key trends and patterns, resulting in deeper analysis and better decision making, quickly and without the need for any technical expertise.

Use real-time sales data to make fully informed acquisition decisions, negotiate better rights deals and reinforce existing author relationships. Visualisation tools and analytics help spot trends and patterns and reveal hidden insights in just a few simple clicks.

Conduct detailed post mortems when combined with print management, rights management and royalties, to see the full financial picture for any project. Using trustworthy sales data and reported trends, Business Intelligence will quickly improve operational performance and enable you to start forecasting with much greater accuracy.

BiblioIntelligence - Features and Functionality

Financial Analysis & Forecasting

  • Compare estimated sales, costs, rights and royalties income alongside real-time data to see where titles have over or under performed.
  • Built-in risk assessment features ensure projects stay on track, with customised Gross Margin or Profit targets that provide warnings wherever projects fall below target.
  • Evaluate print runs, costs and income revenue for potential projects in just a few clicks using the New Acquisition Wizard.

Business Intelligence

  • Integrated sales data with the Biblio suite to enable a wealth of existing title and customer data to reported on and analysed, in conjunction with the real-time sales data.
  • Slice and dice daily, weekly or monthly accrual sales figures to compare data by work, groups of editions, customer, sales channel, market, or any range of title or company filters.
  • Extensive Data Interrogation with no technical expertise, making use of the familiar user interface and reporting tools already available in the Biblio suite.


  • The reporting tool is available inclusively with Biblio3 and BiblioLIVE, eliminating the need for external reports. Send reports in any format required, including Excel, XML, HTML, PDF and CSV.
  • Capable of reporting on virtually every field within the system, users can choose exactly which data is displayed on their report using the fully customisable reporting tools available.
  • Reports can be set to run once, or regularly at a defined date and time. Email reports to internal or external individuals or groups, to keep all parties notified about projects.

The Implementation Process

Virtusales has a 16 year successful track record of implementing new publishing software and decoupling legacy systems. Since starting with Hodder Headline in 2000, we have implemented over 100 publishing-related projects to publishers of all sizes across trade, education and academic sectors.

Our dedicated project team consists of publishing experts and technical consultants who work closely with each customer to find an implementation mix that is going to suit their requirements, internal resources and budget.

Verso Books

With Biblio Intelligence, all of our sales are consolidated in one place and I can break them by customer, channel, format and category over time, so that we can monitor different aspects of our sales operation in great detail.

Jacob Stevens, Managing Director, Verso Books

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