Key Benefits

Designed specifically for book publishers, BiblioDAM combines the need for robust control of your IP with the complex day to day collaborative working practices of a publishing house. Available as a standalone solution, or fully integrated with Biblio3 or BiblioLIVE to provide a comprehensive suite of tools managing the creation, distribution and sale of print and digital content.

BiblioDAM gives you complete control of your assets, from print files to contract storage, from marketing materials to jacket images. Powerful tools ease the management of digital assets; assets can be locked for editing, access controlled at various levels, and different versions held within the system allowing users to revert back to previous files at any time.

Save time and money by completely removing the need for FTPs, couriers, and lengthy uploads of files, and save huge amounts of costly server storage. Send and receive assets from suppliers within the BiblioDAM system, and distribute digital content and metadata to retailers or your website.

Combine BiblioDAM with your current Sales, Marketing and Rights activities to maximise your sales whilst reducing the need for printed materials. Invite prospective customers to preview selected material in a read only format, until an order or contract is completed.

BiblioDAM can be implemented as a standalone system, which provides you with a secure and flexible way to manage your assets. Or integrate with Biblio3 or BiblioLIVE to take advantage of the seamless integration with your title data, for in-depth reporting, streamlined workflow and automatic application of metadata.

BiblioDAM - Features and Functionality

Digital Content Management and Distribution

  • Built in de-duplication functionality reduces storage space, with scalable capacity options available.
  • Maximise revenue by providing read only access to content to prospective customers.
  • Integrate with Digital Rights Management services, such as Adobe Content Server 4, to wrap ePub and PDF eBooks with Adobe’s DRM.

Metadata Management & ONIX

  • Automatically send high quality ONIX 2.1 and ONIX 3 feeds to maximise online discoverability.
  • Store and distribute digital content alongside ONIX feeds with the Digital Packager.
  • Integrated and interactive ONIX Wizard enables easy completion and validation of title data.


  • The reporting tool is available inclusively with Biblio3 and BiblioLIVE, eliminating the need for external reports. Send reports in any format required, including Excel, XML, HTML, PDF and CSV.
  • Capable of reporting on virtually every field within the system, users can choose exactly which data is displayed on their report using the fully customisable reporting tools available.
  • Reports can be set to run once, or regularly at a defined date and time. Email reports to internal or external individuals or groups, to keep all parties notified about projects.

The Implementation Process

Virtusales has a 16 year successful track record of implementing new publishing software and decoupling legacy systems. Since starting with Hodder Headline in 2000, we have implemented over 100 publishing-related projects to publishers of all sizes across trade, education and academic sectors. We work closely with each customer to find an implementation mix that is going to suit their requirements, internal resources and budget.

  • Focussed analysis and discovery sessions to increase value and maximise return on investment.
  • Tailored implementations to support workflows and use cases.

Now we can find and re-use material easily

Peter Blunt, Publishing Services Manager, Egmont

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