Dutch publisher able to account for royalties twice a year with access to daily royalty information


Metadata and sales feeds to Centraal Boekhuis, eliminating manual requests


Costs by automatically redistributing digital assets to multiple eBook platforms


Independent Dutch publisher Overamstel Uitgevers initially needed a reliable system to improve their production scheduling across their six publishing imprints.

After acquiring a new imprint in 2014, they began to look at streamlining their business further and decided to reevaluate their existing contract and royalty models. Having multiple models running side by side was difficult to maintain, and confusing for staff.

Virtusales’ Biblio3 system came recommended as a solution for replacing their multiple, disparate systems. With modular and highly scalable publishing software, Virtusales was the perfect partner to deliver efficiencies to Overamstel’s business processes and workflows, and provide a new flexible contracts and royalties module across their imprints.

Overamstel looked at other solutions, including Klopotek. However, Virtusales offered the quickest response to initial queries, and Overamstel found them to be friendly and professional to work with.

Tibor Kuijs, IT Director at Overamstel, says of Virtusales, “I can always get in touch with my project manager and the team who were closely involved with implementing Biblio3. The relationship has been incredible and our meetings are always very productive.”

Overall the platform is solid and stable and the support is amazing.

Tibor Kuijs, IT Director, Overamstel Uitgevers

Benefits of Biblio3


  • Biblio’s centralised database increases visibility of title metadata and reduces time updating and sharing information
  • eBooks are now distributed through daily, automated feeds
  • Searching for titles is faster, with all data stored in one system
  • ISBNs are assigned in just one click
  • Catalogue production times reduced by using Biblio’s up to date and rich title data and images
  • Running reports has increased the information flowing between departments

Unbelievable Time Saver: Integration With Centraal Boekhuis

Centraal Boekhuis is one of the main distributors in the Dutch market. Prior to implementing Biblio3, Overamstel didn’t have an automated way of feeding information through to their systems. Now, all the data is stored in one online location, which everyone can access. This gets fed through to Centraal Boekhuis daily and saves the production team so much time. Tibor is impressed, “now the information flows to Centraal Boekhuis automatically after we key it into Biblio3. I cannot tell you how much time this is saving!” 

Information flows to Centraal Boekhuis automatically after we key it into Biblio3. I cannot tell you how much time this is saving!

Tibor Kuijs, IT Director, Overamstel Uitgevers

Farewell to Manual Processes: Connecting to eBook Platforms

As well as improving workflows for physical book distribution, working with Virtusales has helped Overamstel to reduce digital distribution costs. Biblio3 connects directly to aggregators or retailers such as Google, Amazon and Kobo. This means that digital assets, from cover images to eBook files, are automatically redistributed whenever changes are made. The team no longer need to key in and send metadata to each platform, as this is all automated. Tibor says, “Connecting directly to Google, Amazon and Kobo has decreased our digital distribution costs significantly.”

Daily Royalty Information

Gathering the latest sales and royalty data quickly has always been a priority for Overamstel. By adopting the latest Biblio3 system, they have been able to access this information daily. Tibor explains, “We try to get sales information in as soon as possible and the quick royalty process, which runs in about five minutes, gives us a daily overview and status.” This tool has enabled Overamstel to be the first Dutch publisher to account their royalties twice a year.

Extended Functionality for Further Benefits

After implementing Biblio3’s scheduling and royalties modules, it became clear that extending the functionality further would bring the company even more benefits.

In 2016 Overamstel began to use Biblio’s subrights functionality, providing their team with a much more efficient way of managing the sales of subrights. Tibor Kuijs expands on this, “It has proved to be an essential addition to our internal workflow for registering and maintaining rights sales and chasing statements, payments and other relevant information.” Tibor reports that since going live, Biblio has streamlined workflows and saved staff time when searching for titles, updating metadata, assigning ISBNs, producing their catalogues and in general reporting throughout the business, “it is of great value that everybody is using the same workflow and reports, there is a bigger information flow to our supporting departments.” Having an end to end publishing solution is increasing productivity throughout the business, so that Overamstel can spend more time concentrating on maximising revenue. “Overall the platform is solid and stable and the support is amazing” says Tibor.

The relationship has been incredible.

Tibor Kuijs, IT Director, Overamstel Uitgevers

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