Jessica Kingsley Publishers (JKP) were looking to replace their existing software system, which was struggling to adapt and meet the expanding and versatile requirements of the current publishing industry.

These system limitations made it increasingly difficult and time consuming to send reliable and complete ONIX feeds and metadata to various clients and their website.
Virtusales’ BiblioLIVE system came recommended and its high quality, automated ONIX feeds with easy to manage metadata was chosen as the best solution for Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

High Quality ONIX Feeds and User-Friendly Reporting

JKP were looking for a new system that would ensure data was accurate and sent in a timely manner to all external partners. Their existing ONIX solution was proving too rigid in its scope and failing approval processes - extra ONIX information was hard to add, and whilst standard information was easy to enter, it became very difficult to validate, report on or to extract.

Additionally the reporting tool required specialist technical in house knowledge to set up new reports.

A new software solution was required to make reporting much more user friendly, and improve the visibility and versatility of ONIX information and feeds, as well as creating a more usable system on the whole.

JKP looked at several companies including Klopotek Publishing Technology, Avatar and Stison. After receiving an existing customer recommendation, viewing several online presentations and being given two or three in depth demonstrations of the system, Virtusales offered the best solutions for JKP and were chosen as their preferred vendor.
Virtusales installed the BiblioLIVE hosted software, which includes fully integrated and powerful reporting, automated ONIX feeds, and a central database for all title information as standard.

Dream Partners. The entire Virtusales team has been a joy to work with... They provided excellent service on the install, and have continued to provide excellent support as we use the system.

Octavia Kingsley, Director, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Immediate Improvements

JKP were able to create and send live ONIX feeds to several partners immediately on install. For those smaller recipients not capable of receiving ONIX, automated scheduled reports proved a very useful way of quickly sharing the relevant metadata. Reports can be sent out in a variety of formats including Excel, PDF, XML, CSV and HTML, enabling users to choose the most suitable output for the recipient.

Automated reports can now be configured to be sent by email or transferred to an FTP site. This has resulted in daily and weekly feeds being sent automatically to partners. New and updated metadata and images now feed automatically into JKP’s website directly from Biblio.

Maintaining metadata in Biblio is also much easier, through the integrated reporting and groups modules. Users are now able to report on specific fields, create and manage groups of ISBNs to update information, and can also link editions and synchronise title information to avoid errors caused by manually duplicating data.

“Entering and editing metadata is a great deal easier in Biblio… going through group members to easily update the same information is great.”

We feel able to push boundaries knowing that we won’t be sending bad data into the world.

Octavia Kingsley, Director, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Surprising Benefits: Group Management

One key added benefit after installing BiblioLIVE was the integrated Grouping Engine. This allows users to group together titles, editions or contacts easily. These groups can be used for a huge range of projects and tasks, from groups of authors, to groups of series and subject categorisations. Each group can be reported on, updated and managed. As Octavia explains, “The group function has been amazing. Marketing use it to run catalogue lists, it’s an easy way to clean up book data, cross reference things. It has been fun finding new ways of using it, the list seems endless.”

Additionally, having the added security of working with a system that is robust and conforms to all the key industry standards including, BIC, BISAC, THEMA and CBMC has meant that users at JKP have been able to explore the reports module and the system with the confidence needed to make it work for them. “We feel able to push boundaries knowing that we won’t be sending bad data into the world.”

Further Integration: Impressions and Production

After going live with the key title information modules in BiblioLIVE, JKP looked to expand their existing system and bring more of their processes in line. The next stage for JKP in improving their systems, was to look for a way of better costing proposals and managing print orders and reprints.

“We wanted a more joined-up solution to the whole process from commissioning to print.”

The new module needed to have clear, user-friendly scheduling, calculate production costs and track projects through different stages of the processes and report on these stages. Having fewer systems for employees to learn and work with was also an added benefit.

The production module was installed over several months and included scheduling, co-printing, purchase ordering and a wide range of integrated production level reports.

By fully integrating the company’s production information with Biblio, information that was always available has now become easier for all users to find. By adding scheduling information to Biblio, key dates such as delivery dates and press dates can now be sent out via reports to sales departments and reps, who were previously unable to easily access this information.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers is a wholly independent company, founded in 1987 and publishing over 250 books a year from their London and Philadelphia offices. Well known for their long established lists on the autism spectrum, social work, and arts therapies, Jessica Kingsley Publishers also publish extensively in the fields of mental health, counselling, palliative care and practical theology.

I wish all suppliers and software solutions could be as effective and intelligent as Biblio.

Octavia Kingsley, Director, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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