Key Benefits

BiblioLIVE is a fully managed solution, the perfect option for publishers with limited in-house technical resource or those who would like to minimise the upfront costs by spreading the cost into an annual service.

Available as a Software as a Service, BiblioLIVE is the perfect option for publishers looking to minimise their upfront costs and spread payments into an annual service. Virtusales will fully host, support, backup and upgrade your system, inclusively as part of an annual subscription fee.

BiblioLIVE is developed and created using the same features as our installed solution, Biblio3. This ensures our customers can take advantage of Virtusales’ collaborative development process and benefit from the same features and enhancements released in regular updates.

Our menu-based approach means that you only pay for what you need and use, giving you greater flexibility and lower cost of ownership. New modules can be implemented in different phases over time, as and when requirements change or budget becomes available.

BiblioLIVE brings all of your data together within one comprehensive program, helping you save time and money managing it and introducing more transparency and wider visibility across your business. BiblioLIVE’s scope for enriching metadata is impressive, allowing you to send extensive title information out to multiple retailers and increase your revenue streams. Combined with complete user control, you can choose what data is shared and when. 

BiblioLIVE - Features and Functionality

Title Management

  • Compliant with all key industry standards, including BIC, BISAC, THEMA and CBMC.
  • Functionality that stretches well beyond traditional print and eBooks, handling point of sale, packs, digital bind-ups, toys, journals and more.
  • Integrated validation and workflow tools, ensuring up-to-date, high-quality data.

Digital Content Management and Distribution

  • Built in de-duplication functionality reduces storage space, with scalable capacity options available.
  • Maximise revenue by providing read only access to content to prospective customers.
  • Integrate with Digital Rights Management services, such as Adobe Content Server 4, to wrap ePub and PDF eBooks with Adobe’s DRM.

Metadata Management & ONIX

  • Automatically send high quality ONIX 2.1 and ONIX 3 feeds to maximise online discoverability.
  • Store and distribute digital content alongside ONIX feeds with the Digital Packager.
  • Integrated and interactive ONIX Wizard enables easy completion and validation of title data.

Author, Contributor & Contact Management

  • Store all internal and external contacts and record all necessary associated information in one place.
  • Associate contacts with titles to quickly build company wide visibility of all those involved with a project.
  • Supplier Management becomes simple with the contacts module - send purchase orders, request quotes and share assets directly from the Biblio suite.

Sales & Marketing

  • Manage any type of promotion, including Google Adwords, Catalogues, Events and Advertising.
  • Plan, organise and report on your events. Record book sales, revenue and costs to chart the profitability of your events.
  • Use the Grouping Engine to create, update and manage marketing and seasonal lists.


  • Using templated workflows, quickly schedule all of your projects. Automatically record tasks as finished and use intuitive reflowing tools to keep schedules on track.
  • Assign responsibilities to different users or departments to create a collaborative workflow for all titles.
  • Manage overdue dates and quickly identify them using the Biblio suite’s powerful reporting tools.

Production & Print Management

  • Cost management for simple printings to complex multi-co-editioning, with the capacity to work with any currency, and multiple co-prints or co-editions.
  • Purchase ordering and quote requests for pre-press and print, to manage the entire workflow of your project.
  • Incorporate all of your supplier scales for automated costings, produce accurate cost estimates with just a few clicks.

Financial Analysis & Forecasting

  • Compare estimated sales, costs, rights and royalties income alongside real-time data to see where titles have over or under performed.
  • Built-in risk assessment features ensure projects stay on track, with customised Gross Margin or Profit targets that provide warnings wherever projects fall below target.
  • Evaluate print runs, costs and income revenue for potential projects in just a few clicks using the New Acquisition Wizard.

Rights Management

  • Record submissions of interest directly in the system or upload in batches following a book fair or sales conference.
  • Automated email chasing and tracking of late payments and royalty statements to rights holders and contracted parties.
  • Process the sale of a licence by generating the contract and logging the payment terms. Inbuilt validation, configurable alerts and reminders streamline operations and maximises income.

Royalty Processing & Payments

  • Complete royalty runs on demand for individual contracts or a whole period and display real-time publisher commitments.
  • Import daily sales feeds from multiple disparate sources, in different formats and currencies, which are then aggregated by the system.
  • Advanced Royalty Calculations including: joint accounting for multiple titles, multi-currency advances and deduction tracking, offset earnings against advances or to other titles and payees and automatic handling of returns.

Business Intelligence

  • Integrated sales data with the Biblio suite to enable a wealth of existing title and customer data to reported on and analysed, in conjunction with the real-time sales data.
  • Slice and dice daily, weekly or monthly accrual sales figures to compare data by work, groups of editions, customer, sales channel, market, or any range of title or company filters.
  • Extensive Data Interrogation with no technical expertise, making use of the familiar user interface and reporting tools already available in the Biblio suite.


  • The reporting tool is available inclusively with Biblio3 and BiblioLIVE, eliminating the need for external reports. Send reports in any format required, including Excel, XML, HTML, PDF and CSV.
  • Capable of reporting on virtually every field within the system, users can choose exactly which data is displayed on their report using the fully customisable reporting tools available.
  • Reports can be set to run once, or regularly at a defined date and time. Email reports to internal or external individuals or groups, to keep all parties notified about projects.

The Implementation Process

We work closely with each customer to find an implementation mix to suit their requirements, internal resources and budget.

  • Discovery sessions are held to define scope and focus publishers’ requirements.
  • A dedicated, in-house project manager works closely with each customer throughout the entire implementation process.
  • Regular communication keeps projects focussed and on schedule.
Kogan Page

Without BiblioLIVE we would require at least an extra 10% staff.

Martin Klopstock, Digital & Operations Director, Kogan Page

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