• BiblioLIVE's Title Management, Production and Royalty modules will replace multiple systems.

  • Quirk Books will be able to manage all contract and royalty agreements in a single system for the first time.

  • BiblioLIVE will remove reliance on third party suppliers and give Quirk Books complete control of their data and royalty processes.

The Problem

Quirk Books wanted to streamline its reporting efforts, reduce inefficiencies and avoid duplication across the business. 

We wanted to remove duplication of effort across our publishing business, while also decreasing the time spent processing royalties. BiblioLIVE will enable this!

Megan DiPasquale, Director of Finance and Operations, Quirk Books

Remove Reliance on Third Party Suppliers

Previously, Quirk Books had to wait multiple days for its third party suppliers to adjust sales files. In contrast, the BiblioLIVE Royalty module enables Quirk’s royalties team to make manual adjustments themselves, removing the need for developer input and giving Quirk full control over their own data. Bringing this work in house will significantly decrease support costs and achieve substantial time savings in the process.  

The Solution

Quirk Books decided to extend its use of the BiblioLIVE publishing software to calculate its royalties and produce statements.

Opting for an End to End Solution

After seeing the advantages that Biblio’s Royalty module offers, Quirk Books chose to implement additional modules that are available within the BiblioLIVE suite. The Title Management, Production, Contracts and Rights modules will also be implemented and replace Quirk’s Filemaker system as well as countless spreadsheets and documents, with a centralized, core database for all metadata and publishing workflows.

Rodney Elder, Executive Vice President North America says,

We are delighted that BiblioLIVE will bring Quirk Books significant time savings straight away by streamlining and integrating their royalty processes with enhanced functionality such as sales file editing.

The Benefit - Why Virtusales?

Replacing the existing systems with Biblio Royalties will enable Quirk Books to manage all of their royalty and licensing agreements within a single system for the very first time. 

View Accurate and Complete Information

The BiblioLIVE Royalties system caters for all of Quirk’s royalty and licencing agreements including different reserve rates for returns on their licence deals. Additionally, non-royalty agreements such as Work for Hire can now be added to contracts easily without any limitations, giving Quirk Books an accurate and complete picture of their outgoings and revenue within BiblioLIVE.

Flexibility to Support all Business Models

The enhanced rights and royalty functionality available in BiblioLIVE fully supports Quirk’s more complex business terms and is continually evolving to handle new royalty models as the industry evolves. 

Quirk Books were also impressed with Virtusales’ ongoing support, with a dedicated customer service team available over the phone, via email and screen sharing, and regular user forums and upgrades included within the annual licence fee.

Opting for an end to end solution will save considerable time by eliminating the laborious rekeying of data and provide company-wide visibility of key product information, improving day to day workflows.

Quirk Books will benefit from BiblioLIVE’s integrated modules to easily maintain high quality metadata with unlimited ONIX feeds, create and authorize contracts with full rights management, cost and schedule printings and raise purchase orders, as well as handle complex royalty calculations and payments.

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