Macmillan Publishers select Virtusales Publishing Solutions to supply a rights and royalties solution encompassing third party rights management, rights sales management and royalty processing, alongside Virtusales' integrated digital asset workflow tool that will support Macmillan in the creation and repurposing of content and metadata across multiple publishing platforms.

Fritz Foy, Executive Vice President, Macmillan Publishers explains, “Macmillan identified Virtusales as an IT partner that understands the complex world of publishing and are able to supply the most flexible integrated rights and royalties system. These latest projects follow the successful implementation of Virtusales' Biblio3 system and expand the use of the software to cover additional key applications and business processes."


  • Macmillan to receive enterprise class system for their contracts, rights and royalties management, providing seamless integration with existing Biblio modules and other external applications such as SAP

  • Virtusales’ publishing specific software is capable of comprehensively handling complex, multi-currency, multi-region royalty models

  • Further integration, management and distribution of digital content and metadata to be provided by the Biblio Digital Asset Workflow Tool 

Towards an Integrated and Flexible Rights and Royalties System

Macmillan required a system that could provide consolidated, up to date and flexible management of their contracts, rights and royalties, whilst seamlessly integrating with other systems and applications.

Their existing rights and royalty processes were administered through a variety of in house systems, Bradbury Phillips and Vista royalties. This prevented company wide visibility and restricted the efficiency and productivity of Macmillan.

Following the successful implementation and hosting of Biblio’s Bibliographic and Production modules in 2015, Macmillan were assured of Virtusales’ ability to implement complex projects efficiently to meet all of their requirements. 

Fritz Foy, Executive Vice President, Macmillan Publishers explains, "Our Rights and Royalties requirements are highly complex and need to work across multiple countries and currencies. We identified the need to have a hosted system that could be seamlessly integrated with SAP financials."

Rodney Elder, VP Commercial Operations North America for Virtusales, comments: “This order provides further evidence of Virtusales’ commitment to being the number one choice for publishers, whether they are local, national or across multiple countries. Our ethos is very much geared to a consultative approach and the development of a flexible solution for the industry.”

Virtusales’ Biblio Rights and Royalties Solution

The Biblio Rights and Royalties implementation will provide Macmillan with a fully integrated, centralised and coordinated system for recording and managing all aspects of their rights and permissions sales, improving efficiencies and maximising rights revenue.

Virtusales will consolidate Macmillan's existing Vista royalty system onto a fully integrated solution that will provide Macmillan with an accurate and up to date view of its royalties. In addition to the rights and royalties, Macmillan will be taking advantage of Biblio’s Third Party Rights management functionality, which will enable Macmillan to track, manage and control their usage rights and costs accurately and effectively. It will also identify and communicate other important information, such as expiry dates and usage restrictions, thereby providing a comprehensive solution to all aspects of third party rights and ensuring complete control in this area.

Our Rights and Royalties requirements are highly complex and need to work across multiple countries and currencies. We identified the need to have a hosted system that could be seamlessly integrated with SAP financials.

Fritz Foy, Executive Vice President, Macmillan Publishers

Integrating Digital Asset Workflow Tool for Further Benefits

In the UK, Macmillan will also implement the fully integrated Digital Asset Workflow tool, BiblioDAW, recognising the cost effective solution for creating, managing, storing and distributing digital content and metadata that it provides.

Macmillan will be able to capitalise on the rich product metadata already stored in the Biblio core central database, and across all of the modules globally. By linking content with any Biblio entity including product, contact, right and production records, assets inherit the existing metadata and remain synchronised to that data throughout the product lifecycle.

Rod Elder concludes, “With integration internationally in key applications like Biblio, Macmillan will be able to develop an accurate view of key business processes across its entire organization and will increase the overall efficiency and productivity of the organization.”

About Macmillan Publishers

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