BiblioDAW: Uniquely Combining Files and Metadata

BiblioDAW (Digital Asset Workflows) is the latest fully integrated tool for the Biblio suite, providing a secure framework to efficiently manage digital workflows. Unique to BiblioDAW, publishers can capitalise on the rich product metadata already stored in Biblio's core central database. By linking content with any Biblio entity including product, contact, right and production records, assets inherit the existing metadata and remain synchronised to that data throughout the product lifecycle.

By combining rich metadata and digital content with structured workflows and flexible distribution tools, BiblioDAW saves significant time compiling, digitising, storing and protecting digital files, before distributing content and data to suppliers, websites, aggregators and retailers. Changes to content or metadata automatically trigger feeds to be redistributed, removing the need for any manual updates and saving significant time managing content and workflows.

Key Benefits

  • Fully integrated system linking product metadata, files and content with date schedules, cost management and financial forecasting and rights management
  • Support for all content items in any file type including XML content, PDF files, ebook formats, images and application files
  • Bespoke workflows support specific business rules and processes, e.g. Automatic notification of new files being uploaded
  • Automatically update production schedules when files and content are uploaded, downloaded or signed off within BiblioDAW
  • Useful features to support workflows such as the ability to add internal comments, lock files, version control and repurposing
  • Sophisticated Google style searching and filtering
  • Flexible distribution tools capable of delivering content, files and metadata to external suppliers, retailers, websites and aggregators via automated feeds

Save significant time managing and distributing content, files and metadata with BiblioDAW

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