BiblioDAW: Secure and Integrated Rights and Licensing

Selling rights and licences becomes quick, transparent and secure when using BiblioDAW (Digital Asset Workflows), the latest fully integrated tool for the Biblio suite. Assets inherit existing metadata from Biblio’s core central database and remain synchronised to that data throughout the product lifecycle, uniquely enabling publishers to capitalise on their existing title information to quickly organise content and metadata, and compile bespoke sales packs for customers to browse securely within BiblioDAM.

By using existing title data to group linked content such as digital galleys, blads and AI sheets into rich digital sales bundles, BiblioDAW can save printing costs, reduce time and maximise revenue by increasing the breadth of content that’s shared. Files can be sent to customers to browse, request and then download once a sale is agreed, and automated notifications and expiry dates on assets help to support internal workflows throughout the sales lifecycle.


Key Benefits

  • Digital assets are fully integrated with existing rich title metadata, allowing you to quickly find and group key titles and content together for customers or events
  • Reduce print costs and expand sales capability, by securely sharing more content digitally
  • Files are secure and protected, giving assets maximum visibility and restricting access until deals are finalised
  • Flexible distribution for any file type or size, from FTP to unique URLs
  • Manage the entire workflow within Biblio, with notifications when files are downloaded or invitations expire, automated schedule updates and integrated, flexible reporting on file distribution

Streamline Your Rights and Licensing Sales Process With BiblioDAW

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