BiblioDAW: Comprehensive and Streamlined Approval for Contracts, Usage Agreements and Content

Save time, increase security and streamline your approval processes for contracts, usage agreements and all content files throughout a product's lifecycle. BiblioDAW supports the approval process from concept through to distribution with full version control and the ability to build bespoke approval workflows.

Content is combined with project metadata from the core Biblio database throughout its lifecycle, making any updates, comments and approvals easy to find, view and track alongside existing title and scheduling information. Files can be held and approved at each stage in a product’s development cycle, and Biblio’s robust version control ensures only the latest files are worked on at any time, whilst retaining previous comments and showing a clear history of changes made.

Automated alerts can be triggered whenever new files are uploaded or downloaded so that employees or external suppliers know once a project is ready to be actioned, significantly reducing time spent chasing and following up on files. Uploaded files then trigger linked scheduled dates to complete, further automating workflows and producing even more time savings. Projects gain company wide visibility as they progress towards completion, from comments attached to files at each approval stage.

This fully integrated workflow cycle is completed by automating approved content to feed out to external systems, websites, suppliers, retailers and aggregators alongside associated rich title metadata.

Key Benefits

  • Securely manage files from every stage of a project’s progression whilst ensuring only the latest files remain accessible with Biblio’s robust version control
  • Save time finding and chasing files with comprehensive searching and automated notifications of changes and updates
  • Avoid versioning errors with the ability to lock assets when being worked on and full version control
  • Increase visibility and aid collaborative working with commenting and sharing tools
  • Easily monitor workflow and track progress with integrated scheduling
  • Streamline distribution by triggering content to feed automatically to external suppliers, retailers, aggregators and websites once approved

Bring Efficiencies and File Security to Your Approval Process with BiblioDAW

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