• Title and Product Management

    Title and Product Management is the core database which lies at the heart of Biblio3 and BiblioLIVE, driving all of your metadata and project specifications. Workflow tools including batch updates, wizards, statuses and validation gateways ensure high-quality data that is automatically updated. The Biblio suite maximises sales and online discoverability with data that is simple to expand and enrich.

    With capabilities that stretch well beyond traditional print and eBook products, the Biblio suite can easily handle journals, periodicals, point-of-sale, packs, DVDs, bind-ups, digital bundles and more, with fast and intuitive navigation between titles. Integrated industry standards such as BIC, BISAC, THEMA and CBMC ensure that your data is always of the highest quality.

    See below for more details on the key title and product management features and benefits.

    • Industry Standards Such as BIC, BISAC,THEMA and CBMC
    • Images and Auto-Repurposing
    • Document Storage and Distribution
    • Pack and Non-Book Product Management
    • Synchronisation
    • Automatic ISBN Allocation
    • Grouping Engine
    • Copy Approval
  • Digital Content Management and Distribution

    The Biblio suite’s robust digital asset management system aids the creation, control and distribution of digital content throughout its economic life. Generate more income and save time and money with no more costly servers or labour intensive file distribution.

    Support communication and workflow between in-house staff and external suppliers, using the built in file sharing tools alongside automatic version control. Store important documentation such as head contracts and safety certificates, with easy search and preview functionality that removes the need to download and duplicate files. Distribute your digital assets from cover images to eBook files to websites and external partners, with automatic redistribution of files when changes are made.

    See below for more details on the key digital content management and distribution features.

    • Support for All Assets and All File Types
    • No Need to Key in Metadata
    • Scalable Storage
    • Automatic Pick-Up and Organisation of Assets
    • Powerful Workflow Tools
    • DRM Encryption
    • Robust Asset Sharing with Third Parties
    • Maximise Revenue from Your IP
    • Digital Content Distribution
    • Scheduling
  • Metadata Management & ONIX

    With the Biblio suite you can bring all of your metadata and ONIX needs in-house, creating high-quality, rich data feeds, which can be quickly and easily sent out to multiple retailers. Feeds can be completely automated, so you can relax in the knowledge that your metadata is always up to date, and that your authors are benefiting from maximum visibility online.

    Support your data with digital content and send eBook files, digital assets and images directly to retailers alongside your regular ONIX feeds.

    See below for more details on the Biblio suite’s metadata management and ONIX features.

    • Manage People, Organisations or Lists Through Contacts
    • Campaign Management
    • Associate Contacts with Titles
    • Send out Orders from Biblio to Suppliers
  • Author, Contributor and Contact Management

    Integrated automatically across the entire Biblio suite, store your contacts centrally for full and easy contact management. Import all contacts and contact databases quickly with a batch update and upload tool.

    The Biblio suite’s powerful reporting tool makes it easy to manage supplier workloads, contributor schedules, author events, prospective submissions and royalty payments. Create mailings and lists of interests; manage payment and account information for contracts, rights and royalties teams, and store delivery details and warehouse requirements, all from one central location.

    See below for more details on the Biblio suite’s integrated author, contributor and contact management features.

    • Manage People, Organisations or Lists through Contacts
    • Campaign Management
    • Associate Contacts with Titles
    • Send out Orders from Biblio to Suppliers
  • Sales & Marketing

    Specifically designed for publishers, the Biblio suite’s sales and marketing features will help you plan and track every campaign, event, press release and mailing from one integrated system.

    Both Biblio3 and BiblioLIVE support a huge range of sales and marketing activities, including campaigns, mailings, events and awards. Capitalise on the integrity of your core title data, and quickly output AI sheets, press releases and catalogues with just a few clicks. Communicate your key title information and marketing messages directly from the system, with wide ranging tools from direct emails to mail merges, from CSV report outputs to ONIX feeds.

    See below for more details on the key sales and marketing features and benefits.

    • Promotion Management
    • Automatic AI Sheet Generation
    • Catalogue Production
    • Grouping Engine
    • Retailer Grids
  • Scheduling

    Manage your workflow for the entire range of product types in the Biblio suite with sophisticated scheduling tools. Highlight key dates, automatically populate date stages and assign responsibilities to members of your team. Manage multiple printings and link titles together onto a single schedule for ease. Take control over delays and last minute changes, with intuitive schedule reflowing tools.

    • Automatic Scheduling
    • Manage Multiple Printings on One Schedule
    • Intuitive Linking and Auto-Completion
    • Highlight Key Dates for Increased Visibility
    • Reflowable Dates
    • Assign Responsibilities
    • Manage Overdue Dates
    • To-Do List Reporting
  • Production and Print Management

    Capitalising on the Biblio suite’s accurate and reliable title information, the production and print management feature offers increased financial visibility and full control of print schedules, supplier workloads and purchase ordering.

    Produce accurate and detailed print information, maintain complex costings and schedules for all product types. Raise purchase orders, manage suppliers and monitor internal workflows, all from within one central system. Carry out thorough financial analysis from pre-acquisition through to publication and subsequent reprints.

    See below for more details on some of the key features and benefits production and print management offers.

    • Specification Management
    • Reflowable Scheduling
    • Cost Management for Simple Printings to Complex Multi Co-Editioning
    • Safety Testing
    • Co-Printing
    • Purchase Ordering for Pre-Press and Print
    • Quote Requests
    • Direct Deliveries
    • Sales and Royalty Forecasting
    • Suppliers’ Scales Management
    • Templates and Defaults Available, for
    • Simple and Quick Data Entry
  • Financial Analysis and Forecasting

    The Biblio suite facilitates deep, granular financial analysis, as well as wider reaching comparative forecasting across titles. From the initial pre-acquisition stage, accurate predictions can be made in just a few clicks. Rich title and financial information is captured throughout the development and production phases, storing a snapshot of each signoff stage for future reference and post mortems.

    When integrated with the contracts, rights and royalties modules, these predictions can be quickly substantiated against actual revenue and expenditure. Used in conjunction with the Business Intelligence module, collate real-time sales data to provide better insight and improve future decision making.

    See below for more details on the Biblio suite’s rich financial analysis and forecasting features.

    • Risk Assessment
    • Profit and Loss Reports
    • Title Appraisal and Forecasting
    • Post Mortem Reporting
    • Monitor Advances, Earnings and Royalty Payments
    • Rights Income
  • Rights Management

    Maximise rights revenue with automated payment tracking, chasing and notification of expired rights, so that your rights can be renewed or resold without losing any time. Identify and aid future sales opportunities with a centralised and coordinated system for recording submissions of interest and rights sales. Strengthen your negotiation position and increase profitability, using centralised and easily reportable rights information.

    Extremely flexible and highly configurable, the Biblio suite supports academic and trade publishers with the advancement of digital technologies and commercial models that are emerging in the rapidly changing publishing landscape.

    See below for more details on some of the key features and benefits the Biblio suite’s rights management offers.

    • Process and Manage Rights Sales More Efficiently
    • Record Licensee Interests and Submissions
    • Store and Generate Contract Information
    • Payment Tracking and Chasing
    • Automatic Production of Rights Catalogue
    • Report on All Historical Rights Activity, Including Subright and Permissions Payments
    • Rights Budgeting to See Real Time Income for Rights Sales
    • Full Permissions Management
    • Integrated Contributor and Digital Asset Management
    • Real-Time Reporting
  • Royalty Processing & Payments

    Fully supporting head contracts, sub-right contracts and sub-licensed subright deals as standard, Biblio Royalties’ advanced, high speed royalties processing will meet the needs of any publisher.

    Biblio Royalties can be scaled to suit all business requirements, either as a standalone solution or fully integrated with BiblioLIVE or Biblio3, to share accurate and timely information relating to titles, contributors and beneficiaries throughout your business. Combine the full rights processing activities available for a completely integrated rights and royalties system.

    See below for more details on the Biblio suite’s royalty processing and payment features.

    • Complex Royalty Calculations and Payments for physical or non-ISBN products
    • High Speed Processing, using latest Multiprocessor Technology
    • Royalty Statement Packs can be generated on demand
    • Integrates seamlessly with Rights Management
    • Automatic Handling of Returns
    • Accepts daily sales feeds and aggregates them for a full and robust audit trail
    • VAT exemptions, self-billing agreements and agent commissions
    • Daily Accruals calculated
    • Available as a standalone system, or integrated with Biblio3 or BiblioLIVE
  • Business Intelligence

    The Biblio suite’s fully integrated Business Intelligence utilises existing title data to provide an in-depth financial picture of your IP. Use the Biblio Reporting tools to pull through any key customer or title data from elsewhere in the system and create bespoke outputs for analysis and further manipulation, all without the need for technical know-how or costly interfaces.

    Manage your inventory and improve operational performance by quickly identifying those areas of your list which are under or over performing, and then adapt accordingly to maximise profitability.

    • Extensive Data Interrogation with No Technical Expertise
    • Real-Time Sales Data
    • Fully Integrated with the Biblio Suite
    • On the Fly Forecasting and Scenario Analysis
  • Reporting

    The Biblio suite’s reporting runs efficiently and like no other publishing system. Complete with fully integrated real-time reports to handle every publishing requirement, and providing complete control to create your own bespoke reports with truly meaningful data. Produce reports in a range of outputs to suit your end destination including Excel, PDF, CSV, HTML and XML.

    See below for more details on the Biblio suite’s powerful reporting features.

    • Integrated Reporting, No Need for External Reports
    • Multiple Output Formats
    • Customised by Users
    • Default Reports Available
    • Save and Store Report Settings Publicly or Privately
    • Set Reports to Run Regularly and Email to Individuals or Groups
    • Report Logs Stored and Available to View

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